Web Design

Development and Web Design Service

A high-quality website is the foundation of online marketing. With our development and web design service, our experts creates websites that meet your various needs, including corporate websites, landing pages, websites for e-commerce and more.

  • Internet usage rates in the Southeast Asian region are rapidly growing each year. Moreover,
  • the number of Internet users are expected to increase further in the future,
  • with the widespread use of smartphones
  • and other new devices connected to the Internet along with personal computers.
  • The website is an important tool connecting global Internet users to corporations (or individuals).
  • Not having a website is an opportunity loss,
  • which means you may be unknowingly losing a business chance.
  • Corporations who thought that they do not need websites until now may need to reconsider.
  • Web design service was supported by our expertise in marketing
  • Wide experience in both B2B and B2C
  • SEO inclusion from the start of website development possible
  • Redesign to improve user experience and site architecture available
  • Customer-delicated user-friendly CMS development available.
  • Can provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Can inform about your company business or service
    (in lieu of sales materials or catalogues) →
    Your website is effectively an excellent salesperson
  • Are shown as objective information; users can view it objectively
    due to high ranking in organic search results
  • Improve credibility in business
  • Your company do not have website.
  • Your company created temporary website and it look good enough in business.
  • Your company could not control how to update new information and keep old information.
  • When your potential clients search, but your website could not show up any information.
  • Marketing result is not good because of the quality of website.

1. SEO Friendly Website

With our web design service, we provides with a site architecture that balances design with SEO needs, using our knowledge base on SEO acquired from our headquarters-AUN Consulting (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) with its more than 20-years' online marketing experience in Japan. The result is a website with a first-rate design that can attract much more traffic from search engines such as Google.


    Are the structure and setting easily recognized by search engines?

    Some examples about
    URL Structure:

    AUN provide suitable
    suggestion with SEO friendly.


    Are your content of website unique
    and fresh?

    AUN support and consult
    how to make your content
    to be unique and fresh.


    Should your page volumebe
    too long or too short?

    AUN provide friendly page wolume
    with SEO quality.

AUN provide service over 200 factors to make suitable website and could directly work with your IT team for making website better with knowledge about SEO requirement. Structure of web site is one of the important issue we must follow before create web site.

2. Our web design service in total created in 15 languages

AUN is experienced in developing a variety of projects, from web design service of the basic corporate website to large-scale mission-critical system architectures. We have steadfastly met the marketing needs of our clients for tourist reservation systems, various CMS developments, e-commerce and others. We also offer global support using our command of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other website development technologies from developing over 700 web sites in 15 language environments.

Besides that, we got 8 countries and with our team of experts who are knowledgeable in multilingual websites, we can provide web design service that support for worldwide. In multilingual web design, the preferred design styles differ according to each country. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for the latest information from all the countries

AUN ‘s web design  service in multi language

3. Digital maketing

The website is the first impression of the business. But the most important for your website is not only "HOW IT LOOK", but also "HOW TO USE AFTER CREATING". Our company provides website production with site architecture as SEO requirement and high-quality design.

AUN is one of the oldest SEO marketing company in Japan with over 20 year experiences. Not only providing the website, but also support in Social (Facebook, Zalo,...), Ads (Google Ads, Coccoc,...), promotion campaign.

AUN provides web design service with site architecture as SEO requirement and high-quality design.

Our price for web design service will be around 2,000 USD
Modification fee will be around 50 USD
AVN commites to bringing a standard price to all customers with high-quality from Japan.