Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a type of marketing that include creating, distributing educational, relevant and useful information via blog-posts, videos and other content assets to answer not your products or services, but what your targeted audiences concern about.
By answering their questions, you can build trust and turn your audiences into your loyal customers, which in turn, help to strengthen your brand awareness, drive purchases and revenue.
Content marketing also help to improve your business SEO efforts. By provding useful contents to users, your business will be more easier to be at the top of the search results.
This is the reason why Content Marketing is so important to businesses nowaday.


AUN have more than 20 years experience in providing SEO service. We have a professional copywriter team and by utilizing our overseas network at 8 Asians countries, AUN can support multi-languages content marketing from Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese...
Provide SEO content writing  service with professional articles for your website, company's blog, Naver blog..
Support multi-languages: Vietnamese, English, Korean...
●Focus on targeted keywords
●Ensure the length of the article, the ratio of keywords according to the standards that search engines offer
●Optimize images
●Words in the article are refined, concise and in a professional style in accordance with corporate culture...

1 Naver Blog Content Package

Naver Blog Content Package
  • Standard monthly package for Naver Blog
  • Include below services:
    ① Naver Account/Blog creation
    ② Blog design
    ③ Blog post writing and posting
    ④ Blog post graphics
    ⑤ Basic social functions
    ⑥ 12 posts/month
  • Language: Korean
  • Price: 1,700USD/month

2 SEO content writing  service for Website/Blog Posts Package

SEO content writing service for Website
  • SEO standard content package (content only, not include posting)
  • Content package:
    ① 8 SEO standard articles/month
    ② Word: within 1,000 words
  • Language: Vietnamese/English
  • Price: 500USD/month (Vietnamese)
    800USD/month (English)

3 Press Release Service


Receive request from client
Review client's products, services...
determine what type of newspaper/magazine is suitable
Contact with newspaper/magazine to negotiate to upload your article
Once get a response, check the website again to make sure it meets criteria
Create a content outline and send it over for the site to review
The site approve content outline, we start to write full content
Send to the site for review, edit if any, the site place link
Send report to client when the link is placed

Package include
●PR article with SEO standard
●Your article will be uploaded on at least 5-8 trustable media sites in Vietnam
●We will send a report about post uploading result 2 weeks after delivering the articles.

Price: 1,100USD
*For English or other languages, a separate translation fee will be applied.