About AUN’s Marketing Consulting

In a dramatically evolving marketing world, everyone recognizes the importance of digital marketing in reaching suitable clients.

However, with the overwhelming amount of marketing data and methods available on the Internet, bringing together all the necessary items that match your goals is not an easy task.

Are you satisfied with your current marketing performance? You might have thought that advertising through search engines and social media should have been easier and more effective. Are you actually using the various convenient tools your current agency provided you with? There are definitely still more ways to improve your present status.

Standing by your side, AUN brings a huge advantage backed by our long years of experience in many Asian countries, by creating and executing a practical plan that will maximize the return on investment (ROI) of your digital marketing budget.

We will create a roadmap based on your stated goals and story as a marketer and corporate manager, and sort through various methods as necessary to remove parts that are difficult to implement.

Not only will your marketing be clearer, but you will also have a partner who will give you continuous support and new ideas. We can incorporate the best of what the Internet can offer for your business.

Our Service Concept


Time consuming Too much to handle Difficult to be consistent [Marketer(YOU)]


Consistent and effective Can focus on strategic part 
Volume discount via AUN [Marketer(YOU)] Marketing Planning Budget management PDCA&Reporting [AUN]

Fully customized service, for setting your own original KPIs that match your company status and implementing the PDCA cycle.