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PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is advertising linked to keyword queries, typified by Google ads, which enables the display of advertisement in search results or on sites that are highly relevant to the keywords. We provide similar advertising for various search engines aside from Google, including Yahoo!, Baidu and NAVER.
PPC: Google Adwords, YAHOO! NETWORK, Microsoft Advertising
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Benefits of PPC

  • Ads can be placed starting from 1 VND per click.
  • Ads can be placed for a targeted audience using segments based on keywords.
  • Even if your site is not ranked highly in the organic search, users can still be led to the site.
  • Immediate results can be expected from the instant display of ads.
  • Steady online branding is possible. You can get recognition as “the company for (keyword query).”

Facebook and Other Social Media

Social media are platforms where all types of current daily communication and transmission are conducted. These platforms provide a chance to transmit high-impact marketing messages by using data of all kinds on user attributes and behavioural traits. We provide the most suitable techniques from a wide variety of advertising techniques, including creating a marketing plan and measuring effectiveness on social media.

Facebook and Other Social Media
  • Why use social media?
  • Audience targeting can be carried out based on user behaviour attributes.
  • Leads to enhanced brand awareness.
  • Increases engagement and word-of-mouth effect.

Other Social Media

Aside from Facebook, we support various kinds of social networking services according to your marketing needs.

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Weibo
  • Twitter

Banner Advertising

One study shows consumers look at more banner advertising than TV or outdoor advertising. If your goal is to increase company or service brand awareness, we can use banner advertising to send an effective message that combines words and images based on various audience targeting. You can gradually build a favourable brand image through repeated displays of your message.

  • Why use banner advertising?
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Flexible pricing is possible.
  • Text, image, video and other forms of expression can be used.

Ad Network

Similar to banner advertising, ad networks aggregate various ad spaces and connect these spaces with advertiser demand that matches it, enabling the placement of ads on a variety of websites. In banner advertising, ad spaces are directly purchased from the concerned medium, ensuring your advertising impression and building your branding among that medium’s audience. Using ad networks, you can control your budget while reaching a wider range of media audience.


YouTube searches number in the range of 3 billion per month, and is actually the second largest search platform in the world.

We can provide ads displayed before playing videos, or ads displayed in video search results, according to your needs.

Print and Other Offline Advertising Services

Newspaper Advertisement

Although newspaper advertisement is traditional media rather than digital marketing, combining the use of different media can be more effective. We can support you with advertising on print and measuring their effectiveness.