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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO Search results for the keyword “SEO”
Search results from for the keyword “SEO”

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is a technique for making a website rank higher on search results by adjusting the website architecture and page description to the form preferred by search engine crawlers (robots) such as Google. AUN Vietnam can provide you the professional SEO service for the world’s major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Baidu.

Eight Basic Indicators for SEO

The major search engines such as google use over 150-200 ranking factors in their algorithms.
Our chart below summarizes the major factors to focus on

8 Basic Indicators for SEO

Benefits of a High Ranking Page - Why does your company need a professional SEO service?

  • A constant high ranking search result is possible, which leads to new customer acquisition and sales.
  • No payment per click with SEO service ! Each click is free! No need for banner advertising and other costly expenses every time.
  • Because the page’s high rank is objective information, you can expect high trust and high click-through rates (CTR) from users.
  • Because the page is displayed through an organic search, high user trust and higher probability of customer acquisition compared to advertising is possible.
  • With SEO service, Steady online branding is possible. You can acquire recognition as “the company for (keyword query).”

Our professional SEO Service Packages

Various kinds of professional SEO services are available based on your needs and budget.

Pay for Performance SEO


This SEO service package creates a strategy for 1 keyword, 1 page. We will charge based on rank only when the page is included in the top 10 for the target keyword.

For corporations who:
  • Do not have many keywords but have an essential keyword for which they need a high ranking result
  • Want to accurately raise the rank for their corporate name
  • Developed a new product and want to have a high rank for the product name, etc.
SEO-Package 5/10

With this SEO service package, the client chooses a maximum of 5/10 keywords. Based on these keywords, this plan charges by the number of keywords displaying the page within the top 20.

For corporations who:
  • Have a large number of products and want to raise the rank for many keywords
  • Want to create strategies for many keywords to strengthen their sites
  • Have a variety of search methods for one keyword alone
  • Buy + product name, rent + product name, area + product name, etc.

Fixed Payment SEO

SEO-Valuation 5/10

An SEO service package to check and modify internal website with a small budget

For corporations who:
  • Want to first get a diagnosis of the site and see how much the search results will change
  • Want to have besic analyze of SEO / web site situation

SEO service package combined with consulting plan

For corporations who:
  • Do not have site administration staff and want to delegate this responsibility
  • Have a site that do not attract customers but do not know where the problem lies
  • Want to have a site better than competitors