FAQ Questions

About Our Digital Marketing Service

Are there other costs besides the service cost?
No. Our company provides services without deposits or setup fees. There are no costs other than the service cost.
How long will it take to see results under normal circumstances?
The average website will show its first results after engaging in SEO for several months. SEO does not show its effects immediately after implementing strategies. Rather, the website gradually receives search engine recognition through the accumulation of continuous improvement. Although it takes time, SEO’s main benefit is that the effect is continuous once a high site ranking is achieved.
What is the difference between SEO and search ads?
When a search is performed, the organic search results and ads linked to the keywords are displayed. These ads are called search ads, and are usually displayed at the top and right hand side of the search results page. Although search ads have the advantage of allowing your ad to be immediately displayed with only a setup and budget investment, costs are incurred per click. Organic search results via SEO are more trusted than ads and do not incur costs no matter how many times they are clicked.
How do you find the most suitable keywords?
Our company will first ask for a description of your business and market, as well as for some of your ideas for keyword leads. With this, we can search for highly related keywords or keywords with a large number of searches using our in-house tools. Based on our analysis, we will propose the most suitable keywords that meet your company's budget and goals.
How do search engines such as Google look at sites?
Google visits websites around the world and examines its content using a special robot called a crawler. This crawler reads text within the website, traces the page composition and so on, and reports the content to Google, which then assesses and registers the website.
I often hear words like page title and meta tag. What are they?
These refers to the title and content description of a specific page as displayed in the search results. Although they are well-known as one of the SEO elements, their more important benefit is that they send a relevant message when displayed in the search results, which improves the click-through rate.
What is black hat SEO?
Sound SEO companies like ours conduct the most suitable SEO service using safe techniques that combine the best practices recognized by search engines. However, there are also some companies who conduct SEO using some deceptive techniques that are disapproved by search engines to improve their results. These are referred to as black hat. When such techniques are discovered by search engines, the sites are penalized, such as by being eliminated altogether from the search results thereafter.
What do you think of other kinds of marketing aside from SEO?
Display ads, PR and other forms of marketing strategies, as well as the previously mentioned search ads, can all complement SEO to produce effective results. Our company strongly recommends formulating a strategy that systematically integrates a wide range of marketing techniques. Please contact us to discuss creating a marketing plan and an overall vision as well.